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The Blues Network

We're working together with forest collaboratives in Eastern Oregon to create a grassroots knowledge sharing network and accelerate planning and implementation of restoration projects.

Photo by Miguel Vieira.

In 2016, forest collaboratives expressed an interest in identifying cross cutting issues across the Blue Mountains and sharing information through workshops and trainings.

In 2017, discussions began about a comprehensive strategy to enhance the collaborative work through a network approach. From those conversations, the Blues Network was formed.

The Blues Network increases the capacity of multiple collaboratives in Eastern Oregon to address complex natural resource issues by:

·    Providing peer learning opportunities to share knowledge, best practices, and innovations related to the collaborative process.

·    Creating a space to identify systemic problems, and work together to create thoughtful, innovative solutions.

·    Communicating the experience, recommendations, and priorities of the Eastern Oregon collaborative community to state and federal policy makers, funders, and the public.

The Network is composed of collaborative members that provide direction on activities that fulfill the purposes of the group, help plan workshops by communicating information needs, and bringing important issues to the attention of the full network.

The network works to disseminate information on broad policy issues and best available science that is relevant to all collaboratives. It is also a way for collaborative members to learn from each other, creating a regional grassroots network of practitioners and participants.

For more information, contact Kendal Martel, Forest Program Associate at Sustainable Northwest.

direct (503) 221-6911 x 112

mobile (936) 671-3523