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Energy Savings in the Klamath Basin

Supporting farmers and small businesses realize cost savings through energy and water efficiency.

We believe in the power of strong partnerships and collaboration.

Sustainable Northwest has worked in the Klamath Basin for over a decade, forming deep ties with natural resource partners, agricultural stakeholders and tribal members. Through these relationships, we connect farmers, ranchers and small businesses with the technical assistance and resources needed to save water and energy.

And saving water and energy is not only good for the bottom line. It's good for fish and wildlife in the Klamath Basin.

Investing in small improvements on your farm such as efficient sprinklers or gaskets can reduce energy costs while increasing yield. Variable frequency drives or solar irrigation pumps can pay for itself over time, while adding value to your operation.

Contact Lee Rahr, Energy Program Director, to learn more about energy or water savings for your small business: or (503) 318-8607