Ensuring enough water for wildlife and people


Water sustains all life on the planet. It nourishes our natural ecosystems and our urban and rural communities.  

The competing water needs of cities, agriculture, fishing, and energy production have led to scarcity and conflict in the western U.S. Supplies continue to be stretched by growing populations, greater energy demands, and more frequent drought in the era of climate change. The historic pattern of litigation and after-the-fact emergency assistance could also continue,– but Sustainable Northwest sees a better way.

We bring farmers, ranchers, tribes, and conservationists together to share water supplies and protect the West’'s vital ecosystems, economies, and native cultures. We help people build collaborative solutions that protect fish populations, ensure a stable supply for cities and agriculture, and secure living wage jobs for the rural stewards of our landscapes. We also lend scientific, legal, and public relations expertise to help communities ensure new strategies are sound and understood by local people.    

Learn more about this program by downloading our Water Program fact sheet. Read more about how this work is connected to our Energy program and our Forest program.  

Contact Information:

For more information about this program, contact Lee Rahr, Program Director, at or (503) 318-8607