Restoring rangelands for people and wildlife


Healthy rangelands provide habitat for wildlife and fish, and sources of forage for cattle and sheep – essential to a stable livelihood for ranching families. This land is important to maintain a balanced ecosystem and vibrant rural communities.

But rangelands are at risk of development and degradation. Careful land stewardship and viable family businesses are essential to the long term health of this land. 

We unite ranchers, conservationists, and public land managers to restore wildlife habitat for threatened and endangered species, and enhance the health of working rangelands for the benefit of the land and the people.

Across eastern Oregon, we're building markets for Western juniper, a native shrub that has become highly invasive as a result of decades of wildfire suppression. The tremendous spread of juniper is depleting water tables in eastern Oregon and threatening many different plant and animal species. Careful removal of juniper through restoration projects benefits ranchers and small mills, and is slowly restoring the natural grasslands.

Contact Information:

For more information about our work with juniper, contact Dylan Kruse, Program Manager, at or (503) 221-6911 x115