Growing a restoration economy


Healthy forests give us wood to build our homes and communities. They clean the air we breathe and filter the water we drink. They're home to wildlife and they give us a place to enjoy time away from our busy lives.  

But decades of fire suppression and litigation over logging have left degraded forests and dying towns.  To address these problems, we brought former opponents together to find solutions that work for both land and people. Where there was once conflict, there is now trust.

With our partners - environmental groups, business interests, and federal agencies - we're making forests healthy again, bringing jobs back to small towns to take care of the land, and creating wood and energy products that we can feel good about using. We're bridge-builders restoring the health of our forests and the well-being of our communities.

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Contact Information:

For more information about this program, contact Kaola Swanson, Forest Program Director at or (503) 221-6911 x 116