Small businesses show growth and new jobs through certified wood sales

Posted by Renee Magyar on November 19, 2015

59 small businesses in the Pacific Northwest reported over $11 million in certified wood sales in 2015


Portland, Oregon – Over $11 million in sales of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)® certified wood were reported in 2015 by the 59 members of Sustainable Northwest’s FSC Group Certification program. This is nearly double the $6 million in sales that were reported in 2014 by 42 member businesses. Member businesses added 112 new jobs across Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Montana, totaling 989 wood product manufacturing jobs, up from 877 in the previous year. 

Sustainable Northwest FSC Group Certification program manager, Paul Vanderford, is pleased with the 2015 numbers. “More and more small wood businesses are gaining valuable market access and selling certified product at a premium. All of this adds up to healthier Northwest forests. It’s a win win.” said Vanderford. 

To be eligible for certification, forest managers must adhere to strict regulations related to chemical use, harvest, riparian zone protection, habitat conservation, water quality, and worker safety. Businesses further along the supply chain are also required to follow regulations for product tracking to ensure authentic certified products reach the market. 

Sustainable Northwest was awarded the 2015 FSC Leadership Award for their commitment to making certification possible for dozens of companies in the Northwest. The award was presented at a Greenbuild Expo reception on November 18, 2015 at the Long View Gallery in downtown Washington, D.C. 

Sustainable Northwest restores forests, rivers, and rangelands for healthier habitat and clean air and water. By bringing people together to find common ground, they are building a regional economy based on land stewardship and markets for sustainable wood and clean energy. For more information visit