New Public-Private Authorities for Land Management Agencies

Posted by Renee Magyar on May 14, 2015

An overview of four authorities that can support restoration activities on public and private lands.

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The Forest Service uses specific legal authorities – policies, executive orders, and statutes – to build and maintain relationships with private landowners, state governments, tribes, and communities. Called "public-private partnerships", these relationships can support mutually beneficial forest restoration and management activities on both federal forest lands and the private, state, and tribal lands that surround them. However, the Forest Service and its partners may be reluctant to utilize public-private authorities due to uncertainty as to how the tools work and when they can be used. 

To help clarify the purposes and applicability of these tools, Sustainable Northwest has provided this general description of four public-private authorities that have high potential for use in the rural west – the Wyden Amendment, Good Neighbor Authority, the Tribal Forest Protection Act, and NEPA Categorical Exclusions for Restoration Activities. 

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