Mastering FSC-Certified Wood in Green Building

Posted by Paul Vanderford on August 22, 2014

A new continuing education unit is available for design and building professionals.

Photo by John Stamets for Bullitt Center

FSC US announced the launch of a new continuing education unit (CEU) for design and building professionals, made possible with support from their sponsors, Columbia Forest Products, Collins, Windfall Lumber, Sustainable Northwest Wood, and F.D. Sterritt Lumber

The CEU is an online, on-demand platform that describes the essentials about sourcing FSC-certified wood for green building projects. Sections of the CEU focus on finding FSC-certified materials, and documenting the use of FSC materials in LEED and other green building systems. The course was designed for architects, contractors, designers, or those interested in learning about sourcing FSC-certified materials. 

The CEU is an AIA and GBCI approved Continuing Education course provided by GreenCE, Inc. 


COURSE TITLE: Mastering FSC-Certified Wood in Green Building


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, the design professional will be able to:

  • Explain why Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood is key to green building, and why building professionals play an important role in promoting good forest management and conservation in North America and beyond
  • Describe the fundamentals of a leadership forest certification system with benefits for LEED certification
  • Discuss the new rules for how FSC-certified wood works in the LEED green building rating system, clarify the differences between LEED 2009 standards and LEED v4 as it relates to FSC, and understand how FSC is credited in other leadership green building programs in North America
  • Identify the tools, strategies and resources that green building professionals can use to encourage market transformation to sustainability of the forest products industry

The CEU is available on GreenCE’s website here, free of charge. The course will be available in a Lunch & Learn and webinar formats in the fall of 2014.  

Learn more about this course on the FSC US website and in the file attached below.