Future of Water in Lower John Day

Posted by Hannah Meganck on April 10, 2019

Lower John Day Place Based Planning Meeting & Outreach Event


John Day River basin is one of the most important undammed river systems in the west and home to native aquatic fish species, small rural communities, and exceptional historical and cultural riches. Monitoring has indicated that high stream temperatures and low instream flow are the primary factors limiting rearing habitat and freshwater productivity of John Day River summer steelhead populations as wells as recreational opportunities. With appropriate state direction, legal frameworks, and technical assistance, our organization believes that enduring and resilient solutions to these challenges can be achieved by cultivating and harnessing local community leadership, support, and ownership. Sustainable Northwest supports the Governor’s 100 year water vision and has been actively involved with the State’s Place-based Integrated Water Resources Planning” in the Lower John Day. 

Sustainable Northwest has played a lead role in planning and convening two workshops in cooperation with the Oregon Water Resources Department to gather pilot participants to share lessons learned, identify challenges and opportunities, and learn about available resources to ensure success in these collective endeavors. Since 2017, Sustainable Northwest has been facilitating the Lower John Day pilot which is now working with the group towards estimating the current and future in and out of streams demands. Lower John Day Working group is pleased to host the next planning and outreach event in the Cottonwood Canyon State Park. We will be discussing the issues related to water demand and find solutions with regional stakeholders and partners.

Join us for refreshments and expert presentations. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) will present on steelhead population trends and the Climate Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC) will present on current Climate trends in the Lower John Day Basin. 

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