Lessons from the field

Posted by Renee Magyar on July 22, 2015

Our successful FSC® Group Certification Program is being highlighted at the annual AWFS conference.


Paul Vanderford is on location in Las Vegas to present “Lessons from the field: LEED opportunity and certification” in the Safety & Environment Track at the giant annual conference of the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers. He joins hundreds of exhibitors of all things woodworking – flooring, hardware, machinery, you name it – and panelists presenting on large and small business management, millworking, furniture making, wood working techniques, and more.

Sustainable Northwest’s FSC Group Certification Program is being highlighted on the LEED panel as a successful model for helping small businesses gain valuable access to the certified wood market. And, as Paul explains, certification is not only good for small wood products businesses, it’s also good for our environment. “As the demand for certified wood increases in the marketplace, more acres of forest will be sustainably managed.”

Paul has identified trends with certification, and can help members navigate the process and cost structure of FSC certification. Certification can help small businesses that are looking to gain additional LEED work, and our group certification provides members with systems for easily documenting when certified wood is used in their products.

Paul Vanderford manages Sustainable Northwest’s FSC Group Certification program. To learn more, or to become FSC certified, call Paul at (503) 730-9434.