FSC Certification with Sustainable Northwest

Posted by Renee Magyar on January 24, 2013

We're celebrating fifteen years of helping small wood products companies in the Northwest. We look forward to working with you.


Forest Stewardship Council Certification

Application and assessment process:

1.) Call us to set up a site visit and ask us any questions you have about process or cost.

2.) During the site visit our staff will ask you about your facility and operations. Together we will then co-create customized FSC documents for your operation. The discussion will include: material inputs, suppliers, products, species, volume tracking and segregation, safety management, record storage, trademark use, and sales documentation.

(The aim of the visit is to co-create a conformant FSC system for your business and approve you for certification. You can expect this on-site visit to take 2-4 hours).

3.) That's the whole processes! After signing a commitment document your business is certified. You will receive an FSC Certificate via email and a unique FSC Chain of Custody number.

Annual commitment:

1.) Maintain documents to reflect any changes in your operation.

2.) Provide an annual FSC volume summary. 

3) Participate in an annual site visit check-in and provide applicable records: purchasing, sales, training, FSC trademark use. (You can expect to spend 6-8 hours a year.)

Certification cost

Cost is based on total annual wood product sales as follows:

$0-500K = $1,000, $500K-1M =$1,500, $1-3M = $2,000, $3-5M = $2,500

Contact Jordan Zettle to get started: phone: 541-948-5140, e-mail: