Stewardship Contracting Guidebooks

Posted by Renee Magyar on April 14, 2011

A series of three guidebooks with useful information on public lands stewardship contracting.


Multiparty Monitoring and Stewardship Contracting: A Tool for Adaptive Management is the last in a series of three guidebooks published in 2011 by Sustainable Northwest. This unique and informative guide is a 'how to' filled with examples and answers to many questions and pit falls commonly experienced by collaborative groups seeking to develop a multiparty monitoring program. The guide is especially useful for members of collaborative groups and federal agency personnel interested in developing a multiparty monitoring program to measure socioeconomic and ecological changes resulting from land management.

Published in 2008, Stewardship Contracting and Collaboration: Best Practices Guidebook is the second in the stewardship contracting guidebook series.This guide is intended to provide information to Forest Service and non-agency representatives anticipating involvement in, or already participating in, stewardship contracting collaborative groups. It includes information on opportunities for collaboration throughout the stewardship contracting process, offers suggestions of best practices for each step, and includes links to a wealth of additional resources.

The first book in the series, Best Value & Stewardship Contracting Guidebook: Meeting Ecological and Community Objectives was published in 2006. Stewardship contracts provide agencies, communities, and businesses with a new way to offer, package, and implement projects on public lands. The purpose of this guidebook is to provide those working on stewardship contracting with a basic understanding of its best value requirements and to offer examples of best value evaluation criteria used in actual project solicitations. Stewardship contracting authorities require that all individual projects are offered using best value criteria.

Additional resources and information are available on the US Forest Service Stewardship Contracting Reporting, Guidance, and Directives webpage. In the FSH 2409.19 Renewable Resources Handbook, Chapter 60 Stewardship Contracting provides the agency direction to implement stewardship contracting authority. Also see Forest Service Contracting: A Basic Guide for Restoration Practitioners, a collaborative publication of the Ecological Restoration Institute at Northern Arizona University, the Ecosystem Workforce Program at University of Oregon, the Flathead Economic Policy Center, and Sustainable Northwest.